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Winter boat fishing trips

Winter Cod and Pollack boat fishing.

We offer an all-inclusive 8-hour winter fishing trip from Newhaven Marina. All tackle is supplied during this trip So no need to bring any tackle with you. Winter inshore fishing is very productive for Cod and Pollack during the cold months.


  • Rod Hire included
  • Full-day boat fishing
  • Families and children
  • Keep what you catch
  • Up to 11 people fishing
  • Bait included
Newhaven charter boat

Boat fishing in winter

So, what are the best methods to catch in the winter months ? 

Fishing in the winter is different from fishing in the summer. In the winter fish tend to congregate in smaller shoals. On distinctive structures such as wrecks and rough ground.  that’s where the expert skipper of Kestrel Warrior 6 comes in.

What do fish feed on in the winter?

In the winter fish feed on cephalopods, worms and crustaceans are in the winter months. This is because their metabolism has slowed due to the vast changes in water temperature.

How do you locate fish in winter?

When you are out on the boat fishing in the winter you tend not to see any movement on the surface of the water, plus the clarity of the water is murkier due to long periods of bad weather. This leads us to use our electronic equipment more. having top-end sonar equipment gives us a massive advantage. fish tend to stay in the same area to conserve their energy.

What method do use when boat fishing in winter

The favored method when fishing during the winter months is to be at anchor over rough ground with running ledger rigs. For bigger tides, we will use a short snood of 6 to 10 inches, with smaller tides seeing us use lengths up to 4 feet long. when fishing for cod we tend to use a pennel rig with the top hook being a size 4 and the bottom a 6 to 7 this is to help with putting bigger worm baits on.

Winter boat fishing

Book a Winter boat fishing trip.

  • Book a boat fishing trip –   0789 647 1691
  • Winter trip prices are £50 per person
  • or £400 for the whole boat

We offer the whole boat for charter, so the cost is the same whether you bring 1 or 11 passengers. It’s only you and your guests. The fishing area is up to and no more than 3 miles off, usually on inshore wrecks and rough ground.

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