Deep Sea Fishing Trips

Deep sea fishing trip

Go Deep sea fishing.

A deep sea fishing trip from Brighton West Sussex is a great way to experience the excitement of a boat fishing trip. Whether you are an experienced angler or just getting started, chartering a boat for deep-sea fishing will provide you with the perfect opportunity to explore the depths of the ocean. You can go after a variety of fish species including bass, cod, mackerel, pollock, and many more. Not only that but you can also take part in inshore fishing around Brighton’s coastline for even more exciting catches. With its stunning views and abundance of fish species, Brighton West Sussex is an ideal destination for your next deep sea boat fishing adventure.

What you may catch from the boat.

Going on a Deep sea fishing trip has advantages over inshore fishing. Being able to fish the unknown deep waters of the British channel. Fishing out in the blue water can produce some of the UK’s bigger species. These include Tope, Blond Rays, Turbot, Brill and Pollack.

  • 10-hour trips for up to 11 people
  • Stay longer at no extra cost at Captain Ants‘ discretion
  • Families and children catered for
  • Rod hire included
Deep sea fishing trip undulate Ray

Fishing from the boat

Your fishing trip start’s at Newhaven’s fishing cafe Fort road cafe where you will meet your captain. Then heading down the pontoon to board the boat. Once aboard we will head out to sea to a choice of ship wrecks or maybe some offshore sand banks.

Pollack on a deep sea trip
A large Ray taken on a deep water wreck

Book a deep-sea fishing trip

  • Book a boat fishing trip07896471691
  • Fishing trip prices are £120 per person
  • Or £850 for the whole boat

See the Kestrel Warrior 6 contact page

We offer the whole boat for private charters meaning the cost is the same if you bring 1 or 11 passengers. It’s only you and your guests. the fishing area is up to and no more than 20 miles usually fishing over gullies and deep holes.

See the Kestrel Warrior 6 contact page

Deep Sea Pollack

How do we locate fish on the boat?

The modern electronics of today’s age for locating fish make it easier with a vast array of detailed mapping systems. We can pinpoint where the fish are month to month in the summer. Deep sea fish usually like to feed in cooler and cleaner water which means, Further offshore in depths of over 100 feet. With fishing tending to patrol routes close to structures such as wrecks, deep gullies and holes. Including catching fish over offshore reefs.

Fisherman with Cod

What is deep sea fishing?

Deep sea fishing is a type of fishing that takes place in the deep waters of the ocean. It involves going out on a boat and using specialized equipment to catch fish. Deep sea fishing is popular in many parts of the world, including Brighton, where boat trips are available for Mackerel and Bass fishing. Inshore fishing is another type of fishing that takes place closer to shore, but it does not offer the same opportunities for catching large fish as deep-sea fishing does.

What methods do we use when deep-sea fishing

There are many different ways to fish when deep-sea fishing for instance. We can anchor on the broken ground or drift over wrecks and sandbanks. When drifting over wrecks we tend to use different types of lures to entice fish, including. Fish like Pollack and bass and when fishing on the sand banks we will use fresh bait for other fish like Turbot and Brill

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