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Boat fishing trips for Tope

The School shark AKA Tope shark

Boat fishing trips for Tope shark from Brighton, Newhaven & Eastbourne. The Gaerorhinus Galeus is the Latin name for the School shark (European Reef Shark}, commonly known as Tope. It is a small to medium species of the shark family. with teeth and a slim-lined agile body for speed making this creature an outstanding predator. Fishing for Tope and sharks from Newhaven has some very good Tope fishing grounds, Offering some deep water gully marks that are like highways for these sharks.

  • 10-hour trips for up to 7 people
  • Stay longer at no extra cost at Captain Ants‘ discretion
  • Families and children catered for
  • Bait included
  • Rod hire included

Fishing for Tope sharks from the boat

A Tope fishing trip on Kestrel Warrior 6 consists of two stops during the day. Firstly we will head out to sea to catch some fresh live baits. Mackerel, Herring, and Scad. Once we have enough bait onboard we will head out to the Tope fishing grounds, this is offshore where it is deeper and clarity of the water is much clearer. You will be given instructions on how to handle the fish for their care and safety. All fish are returned to the sea to continue to protect this amazing animal. We protect the future of Britain’s fish stocks.

What does Tope feed on?

Tope usually feeds 99% of the time on live prey. With their sensory glands on each side of their head, Tope can sense a fish in distress hundreds of meters away. The food of choice for a Tope would be a live Dab, Mackerel, Skad and Whiting.

What methods do we use when fishing for tope?

The favourite method I like to use when fishing for Tope would have to be a running ledger rig, using a big lead to hold the live bait in 1 spot. I would tend to use a rubbing leader of 4ft spliced to a wire hook length of 3ft to a size 9o barbless circle hook.  We like to hook a live joey mackerel behind the head as the Tope seems to hit the fish on the side. This gives us an advantage point to hooking the shark in the scissors instead of deep hooking the fish.

tope fishing

Book a shark fishing trip

  • Book a boat fishing trip07896471691
  • Shark fishing trip prices are £120 per person
  • Or £850 for the whole boat

See the Kestrel Warrior 6 contact page

We can offer the whole boat for private charters so the cost is the same if you bring 1 or 7 passengers it’s only you and your guests. the fishing area is up to and no more than 12 miles usually fishing over gullies and deep holes.
see the kestrel warrior 6 contact page

fish care

How do we locate Tope on the boat?

The modern electronics of today’s age for locating fish have never been easier with a vast array of detailed mapping systems. On our boat, we can pinpoint where the Tope is month to month in the summer. Tope usually likes to feed in cooler and cleaner water, generally further offshore in depths of over 100 feet. They tend to patrol routes close to structures such as wrecks, deep gullies and holes. We have even caught them over reefs.

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