Deep Sea Fishing Trips

Fishing report 15th and 16th of August 2023

Start of the fishing trip – conditions

As we all know, the weather has been bad lately, making it difficult to go out. However, despite this, I decided to go offshore to some deep water marks since the weather was supposed to be good today. I met my crew at Fort Road Cafe at 9 am and we headed out to sea.

The boat’s first stop.

We began our adventure by halting at the marina’s edge along the west arm, where we caught some magnificent mackerel to use as bait.

Straight to the wreck

During our trips, we made a beeline for a nearby wreck where rumors of big black bream and other fish abound. As we arrived, we observed multiple boats floating around the wreck. I proposed that we drift the wreck until they vacate the area.

On to the Wrecks!

Once we reached the wreck, we used flappers to lure the bream off it, which proved successful. Throughout the day, we caught a variety of fish including cod, congers, bream, bass, gurnard, mackerel, scad, plaice, Ballan wrasse, pout, and tope. All the fish were caught using fresh mackerel bait. I believe fresh bait is crucial for fishing success anywhere. Hopefully, the weather will improve in the coming weeks.

See you soon


Captain Ant


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