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Plaice fishing trips

About Plaice

The Plaice is a species of flatfish that can be caught around the southern part of the UK. this fish is smallish in size with the average size being 36 cm in length. with a small mouth and no teeth, this fish relies on its camouflage to avoid being eaten by larger predators. the main source of food for plaice would be lug worms ragworms and small pea muscles. the Plaice is more of a sight feeder so clear water is preferred for this beautiful fish

  • 8-hour trips for up to 11 people
  • Stay longer at no extra cost at Captain Ants‘ discretion
  • Families and children catered for
  • Bait provided
  • Rod hire included
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Fishing for plaice from the boat

A Plaice fishing trip aboard the kestrel warrior 6 will consist of a short safety brief followed by a demonstration on how to catch plaice. once this is complete our fishing guide and the skipper will take you out to sea on some sandbanks where you will fish either on the drift or the odd occasion at anchor. generally fishing over sand banks and pea muscle beds the perfect drift speed being 1.2 knots.

big plaice Newhaven

What do Plaice feed on?

Plaice tend to feed on worms and small molluscs with small mouths plaice find it hard to swallow anything bigger than the size of your small finger.

What methods do we use to catch plaice?

The traditional method to catch plaice would be to use long a long flowing trace with lots of bling. When I talk about bling im on about lots of different beads, sequins and different size spoons. this would be a 2 or 3-hook paternoster-type rig. with worm as bait. but here at kestrel warrior 6 we have a new method of catching the plaice using perks. yes, perks with a long snood below usually going to a size 2 hook with a rubber worm.

plaice caught on lure

Book a Plaice fishing trip

  • Book a boat fishing trip07896471691
  • Plaice fishing trip prices are £80 per person
  • or £650 for the whole boat

See the kestrel warrior 6 contact page

We can offer the whole boat for private charters so the cost is the same if you bring 1 or 11 passengers it’s only you and your guests. the fishing area is up to and no more than 3 miles usually fishing over sand banks
see the kestrel warrior 6 contact page

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How do we locate Plaice on the boat?

The modern electronics of today’s age for locating fish have never been easier with a vast array of detailed mapping systems. On our boat, we can pinpoint where the Plaice are. Sand tends to be where plaice like to hide typically its harder to spot the plaice on fish finders but there are little hinters that can be seen to track the fish down

big plaice Newhaven
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