Deep Sea Fishing Trips

Inshore Fishing Trips Newhaven & Brighton Area

Inshore boat fishing, big fish.

  • Plaice, Bass, Wrasse, Congar, Smooth Hound
  • Mixed species in Summer
  • Evening Sole fishing
  • General species fishing
  • up to 11 people

Fishing for Plaice from the boat.

Inshore boat fishing for Plaice out of Seaford Bay is probably the best inshore sea fishing grounds in Sussex. An average day could consist of up to 100 Plaice with our boat record being over 220 plaice caught in just 1 day.


Summer means inshore fishing.

In the summer months through to the late autumn, we regularly see Dabs of around 1.4 lbs. Gurnard, Smoothhound, Rays, Bass, and into the evenings you can always fish for Sole.

Inshore boat trips

Inshore fishing trips Brighton on Kestrel Warrior 6 give you access to marks that you just would not have from the Beach. There are always surprises landing every year as most species move inshore following the enormous shoals of Mackerel and Sprats that frequent the Sussex coast.

John dory caught by angler
large Conger Eel

Book an inshore fishing trip

  • Book a boat fishing trip – 0789 647 1691
  • 3 Hour session boat price £450
  • or £50 per person
  • 8 Hour session boat price £650
  • or £80 per person

We provide the whole charter boat, Therefore the cost is the same if you bring 1 or 11 passengers, it’s only you and your guests. The fishing area is up to and no more than 3 miles usually fishing on the sand and small reefs off Brighton, Newhaven and Eastbourne. Our in-depth knowledge of the fishing marks produces some huge and often unusual catches.

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Fisherman on the Charter boat
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