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Mackerel fishing Trips Eastbourne & Newhaven, Brighton Area

Summer Mackerel fishing boat trips

We offer an all-inclusive 90-minute mackerel fishing trip from Eastbourne & Newhaven Marina. All tackle is supplied during this trip So no need to bring any tackle with you. during a mackerel trip, you will be given step-by-step Tuition on how to catch mackerel to give you the best chance of catching a lot of them. in the time you will be given, you will have the chance to catch species of fish such as mackerel/bass/scad/herring/garfish on feathers that will all be supplied to you during the trip. You can keep what you catch

  • All tackle included
  • 1 hour 30 minutes
  • Families and children
  • Keep what you catch
  • 11 ppl maximum
  • Newhaven is a hotspot for Mackerel
Fishing Boat

Boat fishing for Mackerel.

So, what are the best methods to catch Mackerel from a boat?

Mackerel travel in shoals so if you catch one Mackerel you can bet that the rest of his family is not far away as they swim and hunt bait fish in groups, the main thing when going out fishing for mackerel is locating them, that’s where the expert skipper of Kestrel Warrior 6 comes in.

What do Mackerel feed on?

Mackerel is a fast sleek predator, feeding on small bait fish. In turn as with everything else in the sea, bigger fish follow the shoal of Mackerel around, so it’s not unusual when fishing for Mackerel from a boat to catch larger fish such as Bass that feed on the Mackerel.

How do you locate a shoal of Mackerel?

When you are out on the boat fishing keep your eyes off for diving and feeding sea birds that will feed on bait fish forced to the surface by Mackerel. When you locate them like this you can catch hundreds of fish between 6 people in an hour.

What method do we use when boat fishing for Mackerel?

The favored method when novices fish for Mackerel is using a string of 4 -6 feathers or silver-type lures put over the side and fished between 8 and 20 feet. These mimic the bait fish that the Mackerel feed on. And when on top of a Mackerel shoal every hook will get attacked and produce strings of 4 -6 Mackerel weighing anything up to 2 and a half-pound each.

mackerel fishing Newhaven

Book a Mackerel fishing boat trip.

  • Book a boat fishing trip –   0789 647 1691
  • Mackerel trip price – £250 inclusive of all costs
  • Individual cost £35 per person
  • All tackle included

You can charter the whole boat, so the cost is the same whether you bring 1 or 11 passengers. It’s only you and your guests. The fishing area is up to and no more than 1 mile off, usually fishing over sand. Individual mixed trips are available; call us for details.

See the Kestrel Warrior 6 contact page.

Dolphin feeding on Mackerel
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